Fight The Tower

Fight The Tower

october meeting UPDATE: 10/22/08 - WE win! Verizon has backed out of the proposed Contract for THE cell tower.

Let's stay vigilant to make sure that a potential private tower siting is done in a safe and prudent manner.

325+ concerned residents have petitioned for the board to decline the verizon cell tower contract. Sign online (click here)


VIDEO:Rec and Park Meeting September 2008

the proposed morelli lane tower site -Where are you?

Morelli Lane RFR Exposure Map

(Click on map to locate your home and RF Radiation exposure.)

1/4 mile mark of RF radiation exposure raises your cancer risk by 300%. 1000% higher in women and will significantly
raise the leukemia rates of our children. Expect your home value to drop an average of $25,000 (10%)


Sign the petition!

Camp Cancer? Not on our watch! sign the online petition today!

Radiation Exposure Map

This is the proposed morelli lane Celltower site.Where are you?

San Francisco Medical Society

What does the journal of the san francisco medical society have to say about cell tower radiation?


International Association of Fire Fighters Resolution to Ban Cell Towers

Why did the International Association of Fire Fighters ban cell towers?